You're searching for the most profitable franchise.

With thousands of concepts to choose from, you have one shot to get it right.

Consider a new approach

We know what you're trying to do.

Build a business to replace or supplement a career without upending everything you've built to date. The good news is it's possible and building a business through franchising is a way to do it. The bad news is you're going have to examine franchise concepts differently than you are currently. To discern the most profitable franchise for you, you'll need a new set of instructions.

That’s why we put together this site and our free 64-page guide: Franchising: Decoded & Demystified. FD&D is a collection of feedback from dozens of active franchisors, hundreds of active franchisees and several national studies organized into an easy to follow guide that let’s you evaluate franchising and franchise concepts with an insider’s perspective. With one important distinction. We are not beholden to any one brand, advertiser or special interest. Your needs alone are who this guide was developed for. We aim to have the information in Franchising: Decoded & Demystified be as straightforward and uncompromised as possible.

We believe in franchising.

And believe a strong, healthy franchise industry is a strategic imperative.

The Council on Franchise Transparency is a revolving all volunteer board of franchisors, franchisees, and allied parties in the franchise industry who provide objective, experienced based information on the nature of franchising.

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